3 advent 2014 – Paris International Boat Show

No sailing this weekend. A trip to Paris instead.

Being creative on 1 advent. Candle stick tasted good once the candles were removed.

Paris International Boat Show made it easier  for us to cross out certain boats from the list of potential boats in the future. A  boat bigger then Ewharisto would be nice, but  not a French one again. I like interior mahogny, big aft cabin etc. Hasse needs to stop stooping inside. 195 cm minimum height required. We go on looking. Some Nordic boats are definitely tempting.

Remains to have fun while exploring the options and Paris is definitely one of the places where one can enjoy oneself. It helps if you’re a foody.

Ovni had some good things about it, like the aluminium hull (not bad if you’re into winter sailing) and the centerboard. Did not pass other requirements though.


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