4 advent – sailing to the island for Christmas celebration with the children


We are off to the island on Saturday. The children will join us there. We will have an early Christmas celebration – the only chance to be together. It is cold but sunny. We hope to be spending the coming 2 weeks sailing.IMG_6497IMG_6543 IMG_6539

We manage some preparations before darkness encompasses us. It is pitch dark at 4 pm. Luckily the lights are up and we brighten up the environment a bit.

We collect them in two rounds from the mainland. The open fire has made the cottage welcoming.
IMG_6566 IMG_6550
Hasses’s unsurpassably hot sauna is again appreciated. The girls immerse themselves in the cold lake to survive.



Our little Christmas celebration consists of the usual masses of food, drink and games.


After brunch the day after Hasse takes the children back to the mainland.


We stay another night and enjoy our Christmas presents.


Easter on favourite lake island, April 2014

An exceptional Easter 2014. Could have mistaken it for Midsummer if it were not for Easter eggs for lunch. Summer hat on, sunbathing, fishing and tending to the boat in blazing sunshine.                More pics under Vällinge.

We look for our eggs. Find the wrong ones. No addressees. Never mind.V

Some of us polish the boat and some fish, sunbathe and read.

välkomnaHappy Easter!