At last! Weekend sailing!

The ice has disappeared! At last we can leave the harbour. It is cold but our spirits are high…12670681_10154063270157290_736112274389463523_nAs they say: There Is No Such Thing As Bad Weather, Only Inadequate Clothing. We don’t suffer from that.
12924407_10154063582032290_3305527957061346829_nMoored as always: Mediterranean style.12919135_10154063837992290_1922133665_nNot weird at all: the sauna is HOT.12936575_10154063582062290_7951573964454817717_n
12961558_10154076731707485_2203880648925483191_n12376843_10154063317447290_2237517647692696161_nReturning home, to mist and drizzle.